Welcome to The MILL - Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory

Building on Dundee’s global reputation as a centre for design and innovation, The MILL will establish the city as a real-life test and experimentation environment for smart mobility solutions.



The MILL is run by Urban Foresight on behalf of Dundee City Council. The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Scottish Government's Lowlands and Uplands Scotland ESIF Programme. 

The MILL is part of the ‘Smart Services- Mobility’ operation of Scotland’s 8th City Programme. The goal of  the operation is to create an integrated and replicable framework of solutions to open up data and deliver new innovative services to make shared mobility across Aberdeen, Dundee, and Stirling cost effective and convenient, providing a sustainable alternative to private transport. It aims, through this, to encourage a modal shift to low carbon travel, reducing carbon emissions and making the cities more sustainable.

The operation receives 40% of its funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Vision for The MILL

The MILL will establish Dundee as a real-life test and experimentation environment for innovative mobility solutions. 

We will create opportunities for new products, services and business models to be developed and trialled by providing necessary support and access to infrastructure. The MILL will enable innovation through understanding needs, facilitating collaboration, accessing funding and creating routes to market.

"We will make smart, sustainable mobility cost-effective, convenient and part of the cultural fabric of the city"



Living Laboratory Facilitation


Developing user-led solutions that meet real needs and support positive behavioural changes.


Providing access to infrastructure, data and end-users in Dundee to pilot new products and services.


Support in accessing funding and finding routes to market nationally and globally.


ShareMORE pilot projects

Lot 1: Advanced Mobility Services

Lot 2: Advanced Fleet Services

Lot 3: Advanced Parking Services

Lot 4: Advanced Use of Urban Data

Lot 5: Zero Cost Bike Hire Scheme



Dundee City Council is procuring a first wave of projects to be run through The MILL that will be collectively called ShareMORE (Shared Mobility and Resource Efficiency).

ShareMORE project funding will be available to support the live trial, testing and refinement of solutions with a total budget envelope of £950,000 available across 5 lots.